10 Neat Bathroom Storage Ideas

While the bathroom is the smallest room in the house, it is still expected to hold an often ridiculous amount of towels, soaps, hair products, cleaning materials, bath and beauty accessories, and the list goes on. This can be a real headache. Today, dear reader, we hope to ease the pain with some simple, realistic ideas for organizing storage in your bathroom.

1. Don’t waste the space under your sink

No matter how your bathroom sink is set up, make sure to use every inch of space under it. Implement baskets, shelves, hooks, and whatever else it takes to put the space to good use.

2. Drawers are great for organizing the loose stuff

Loose things lying around really can build up until everything seems to be in the way, and nothing is there when you need it. Get your hands on some boxes, containers, drawers, or small hampers for organizing your shower necessities, hygiene products, makeup, hand towels, etc.

Also, don’t overlook the front of your drawers. A well placed hook for hanging your hair dryer on, or a little basket out in the front can make things a whole lot easier for you.

3. Take advantage of the area under your bathtub

You can do it yourself, or order them special, but bathtub panels with storage racks inside are very handy, especially for the cleaning supplies you need to get to a little less often.

4. Any room around the tub is also up for grabs

Bathtubs often take up less than the full width of your bathroom, leaving some space to set up a rack, or some shelving in the margin.

For those who don’t have that much room to work with, you can always go with some creative hangings along your wall for storing shower stuff.

5. Get some thin sliding shelves

One technique typically applied in narrow kitchens, is adding thin sliding shelves to the most hard-to-get-to corners of the room. This will effectively stave off junk build up, while keeping the place looking very nice and tidy.

6. Open shelves for free corners

Any surface or difficult corner can be equipped with a quaint shelf or two. Shelves of the same color, make up, and thickness make for a good overall look. Another bonus tip is using glass shelves to make the area seem more spacious.

7. Install some hanging baskets and cups

Your walls can be home to more than just open shelves, since there is a variety of baskets, cups, and other holders fit for hanging. A little larger holders are good for towels and such.

8. Reach above the door

A narrow shelf above the door is just one more step towards using all the space at your disposal.

9. Use the door as well

The door itself may hold up to three horizontal bars for hanging towels and bathrobes.

10. Last but not least, floor room

Put a free standing hanging rack, or some shelving in whatever floor space you have left.

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