10 Tips and Tricks for Stunning Makeup

Every woman uses makeup in some way, shape or form. Some don’t leave their home without it. Some feel it’s a waste of time. But nonetheless all of them either feel like putting it on at some point or another, or they have to — either as a work requirement or on a special occasion.

10 Tips and Tricks for Stunning Makeup

Here’s 10 tips and tricks that anyone will find useful, even if you hate using makeup.

Use the concealer the right way.

Use eyelash curlers and a soft eyelash pencil: draw a straight line along the top metal strip, then use the tongs by gently pressing them into the eyelid fold for about 30 seconds — voila, the eyelash contour is ready!

If you don’t have time for a full makeover, using an eyebrow pencil can be enough to drastically change the way you look.

15 seconds over a lighter will easily revitalize even a completely ancient pencil.

Use your credit card to make a straight line for the “feline” look.

A cotton swab and foundation cream will help salvage smudged lines.

Want to get rid of the bags under your eyes? Keep your cream in the fridge.

Use a credit card to apply mascara evenly.

Use a light-hued pencil to give your eyes a fresh and vivacious look.

For more saturated shadows, apply a light pencil underneath.

To cover up signs of insomnia, use a concealer around your eyes.

Use a light pencil for lip volume.

Never forget that makeup should be appropriate for the occasion and emphasize your strengths. Great makeup is always all about subtlety. Good luck!

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