12 Amazingly Clever Hacks With Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets remove static cling and give a fabulous freshness to clothes. They come conveniently folded in boxes just like paper tissues, or in rolls. Keeping them confined in a laundry room is downright wrong.

Because this has been tested and proven time and time again: everyone who once tried using them to wipe up the occasional coffee stain, polish shoes or remove deodorant marks, soon enough only wonders how could one ever live without them?

Here are 12 amazingly cool dryer sheets hacks that totally work.

1. This trick works like magic on a messy scorched pan or baking dish! Put just one sheet with a drop of dishwashing liquid into the pan, cover with hot water and let soak overnight. In the morning, see the burnt pieces floating in the surface. Scrub off the extra bits (if any) with the sheet.

2. Dryer sheets are surprisingly effective in solving the problem of unpleasant odor and moisture in shoes. Use them as scented extra insoles with a drop of essential oil of your choice: eucalyptus, cedar, pine, lemon …

3. Make your chrome sink faucets sparkle with a final touch of the dryer sheet.

4. You might be surprised, but the dryer sheet does an excellent job with deodorant streaks on clothes! Try this hack next time you spot a white mark.

5. Cleaning blinds will be a simple task with dryer sheets – they easily penetrate between slats. Slightly run a small square of dryer tissue along blinds to pick up dust. Voilà!

6. Got tired of static in your hair? Do as shown in the picture, and comb: hair will stay calm.

7. Is it possible to clean the burnt iron with dryer sheets? Yes! Stroke cotton fabric through one tissue at a low temperature – all the sticky substances will disappear.

8. Wardrobe freshener. Sprinkle a dryer sheet with your favorite perfume and place it in a closet or drawer. Your clothes will smell fresh for a long time.

9. The same trick works for your gym bag!

10. Dryer sheets will help you to remove those annoying fingerprints off the stainless steel surface. Nice and easy!

11. Occasionally, books can accumulate odors. Next time you are cleaning up, pay attention to your library and refresh books with dryer sheets placed between the pages.

12. Dryer sheets will be extremely handy whether you spilled flour, food or drink!

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