12 Creative Ways To Use Your Corners

12 Creative Ways To Use Your Corners

No matter what apartment or house you call home, just about everybody runs into the same problem sooner or later. We need more space. Too much stuff and nowhere to put it. Once everything is put away in its places, you still feel cramped. But we usually let one thing slip under the radar: the corners. That is right. There is too much potential there for them to just collect dust!

1. Unique A-shaped shelves

This unusual designer statement is perfect for storing or displaying a few extra tidbits and turning a head or two in the process.

2. Decorative shelves

These decorative shelves are more for aesthetic appeal than functionality, and will definitely not disappoint.

3. Mini bar

Your home mini bar doesn’t have to take up the same space as a grand piano or fireplace. Try out a less-is-more approach for size, and keep it to the corner.

4. Build-in corner shelves

Obviously, this one is a little tougher to pull off, but nobody can argue with the results.

5. Lunch area

Kitchens tend to be one of two things: small or tiny. Make the most of it with a lunch stop that won’t make you feel like you’re at a drive through, while taking up minimal space.

6. Multipurpose shelves

We’ll leave this one up to your imagination. Ideas?

7. Workspace

The home office has become a staple of so many houses these days. This option is subtle, convenient, and applicable to most living areas.

8. Entryway shelves

Hey, guest deserve an artistic touch or two as well, right?

9. Coffee shop

In-house coffee shop slash coffee stop that will make any barista jealous.

10. Bed under the stairs

Yes, its pretty cool.

11. Entry way

Its more than common courtesy. Its above and beyond to have an entry way this cozy. You’re friends are worth it!

12. Kitchen cabinets

Pantries fill up remarkably fast. Another one in the corner will always be useful.

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