12 Neat Homemade Items for Your Garden

I want every corner of my house to be pleasing to the eye. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for that, because you can do it all with your own two hands. We present you with 12 incredible things for house and garden that you can make yourself!

12 Neat Homemade Items for Your Garden

Homemade coffee table

A coffee table is an integral part of every house. To make a table like this you just need a bunch of planks or lumps of wood that you’ll have to lay out in a chessboard pattern. That’s literally it.

Tree coat hanger

Remove the bark from a dead, dry tree, cut off the branches, treat with antiseptics and paint in whatever color you like. Pick up a sturdy pin and base to keep the tree hanger firmly in place.

All-purpose shelf

Ideal for your kitchen or guest room, takes up virtually no space, and extremely convenient.

Gabion table

Gabions are basically just cages filled with rocks. Today gabions are incredibly popular in the world of landscape design. These cages add a nice rustic feel to your yard, and make something like grilling an even more enjoyable activity than it is already.

Couch cup holder

Makes it more convenient than just leaning towards the coffee table every time when you’re watching your favorite show. Choose the color of the stand according to the color of the furniture.

Two chairs equals one bench

No porch is complete without a nice bench. And again, you don’t have to buy anything — just grab two chairs you don’t use, put them in front of each other and nail down a bunch of planks to make a bench.

Luminous log stools

Remove the bark from the logs and paint the tops with fluorescent paint. When the moonlight hits the wood will glow, creating a special romantic atmosphere to an evening outside.

Plastic bottle ottoman

Don’t be in a rush to throw away empty plastic bottles, because they can be used to make a great ottoman. Clean and dry the bottles, tightly tie them together in a vaguely round shape. Cut out two identical circles of plywood and attach them with adhesive tape on both sides of the bottle base. Then sew it inside a soft cover, and you’re all set.

Minimalist bench with no nails involved

A bench is one of the easiest things in the world to make if you’ve got a bunch of wood and a couple cinder blocks. Simply glue them together with liquid nails like in the photo, paint them in your favorite color and enjoy the beautiful autumn evenings with a cup of hot coffee in your hand.

Wine barrel sink

If for some reason you’ve got an old wine or beer barrel laying around cluttering the place, why not do something handy with it — namely, an outdoor sink? Just make a door in the barrel, and place a water outlet, a hose and a siphon inside the barrel, and install a faucet. And you’re done.

Bench for two

Yearning for the feeling of romance? Make a comfortable bench out of wood planks, where you can spend long evenings wrapped in a blanket with a loved one. You can use pillows or a small mattress to decorate the bench.

Flower pot table

You can make a nice little table from a pair of plastic flower pots and a regular metal tray, which fits perfectly into the image of a country house. The gap between the pots should be sealed with putty, so that the table structure will be stronger.

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