13 Creative Bathroom Towel Holders

13 Creative Bathroom Towel Holders

The bathroom is the most visited room in your home, right up there with the kitchen. This is why most people put effort into designing and decorating this room in a bright and lively fashion. Today we want to offer you’re a number of gorgeous towel holder applicable for your bathroom or kitchen alike.

Flowery shelves

These are easy to make and will look so cute


Clothespins are a simple and minimalistic solution. Double-sided tape is all you need.

Thick rope touch

A rough and sailor style approach is subtle, yet totally in.

Stone simplicity

We can guarantee that you will be the only one with this in their bathroom.

Sign language

This has got to be one of the most unique options possible.

Add a little movement:

These little figurines are just too good. Make sure not to forget about them when walking by at night!

Natural charm

This option is very popular among young couples who simply can’t get enough of it.

Women’s décor

Beads are an elegant solution that looks really great.

Sturdy soldier

Modern design principles apply.

Leather holders

These truly are a stand-alone decoration for your bathroom.

Lighting idea

Some additional light as well as a cozy looking towel holder.

Are these really towel holders?

This might actually top the rest for originality! What do you think? Which did you like the best?

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