14 VERY STRANGE Kitchen Utensils That Will Certainly Surprise You

One might wonder: what can be unusual about kitchen utensils and accessories?

We’ve got this collection of really strange, cheerful and sometimes naughty things that would give you smile and could help save time in the kitchen!

Anyways, judge for yourself.

1. Mustard Bottle Nozzle

2. Small Ceramic Cup For er… Tea?

3. Carrot Peeler-Sharpener

4. Egg White Separator

5. Device For Extraction Of Pickles From The Jar

6. Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

7. Wine Bottle Corkscrew

8. This daisy Flower Power will rotate while holding the pot lid slightly open to release the steam.

9. Protect your lunch from hungry colleagues in a zipper Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags.

10. Cool Egg Cuber Cutting Tool

11. Draft beer from a can, anyone?

12. Boa Wine Decanter From Riedel

13. Would your guests ask ‘more tea, please’ once they see bottoms of these teacups?

14. Alli-Grator Cool Collectible Cheese Grater

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