16 Useful Hotel Tips

A great hotel stay is the deciding factor behind more than half of the experience you receive during a vacation. That is why we’ve compiled a list of 16 tips that will ensure your vacation will be a pleasant and invigorating experience it should always be. Be sure to follow the following advice to the letter, and you will never have a disappointing hotel experience ever again.

16 Useful Hotel Tips

1. Who needs an iron?

If your clothing got all crumpled up on the road, and you’ve forgot to bring an iron, you can turn the shower on for a short while, then turn it off again. Wait until all the water leaks out, then hang your clothes on the showerhead. The steam gathered in the room will straighten the clothes out.

2. It’s too dry in here!

If the air in your room is too dry, place a wet towel next to the air conditioning. Now you have your own humidifier!

3. Store clothes and shoes separately.

Use shower caps to separate clothing from shoes in a suitcase.

4. Cook your own food

If you miss home-cooked food, stay in hotels where you can ask for kitchen implements. Think about all the money you can save!

5. Kids at the hotel

Use pillows to create a divider in the middle of the bed, so that each kid has plenty of their own space on the bed.

6. Sleep well

Place a rolled up towel along the base of the door to avoid noise and light entering the room.

7. Children’s table

Turn the ironing board into an improvised table where your children can eat.

8. Get rid of the light

Use the clips on the coat hanger to close the gaps between the curtains.

9. Quick and easy meals

You can use the coffee maker for fast food, like instant noodles and oatmeal.

10. Spare charger

If you forgot the plug of your charger, or you use a different type of plug, you have nothing to worry about. Most modern hotel rooms have a USB connector that can be used as a charger.

11. Babies

If you are traveling with a baby that needs to have their diaper changed from time to time, you can turn a table into a changing board.

12. Used diapers

Use the plastic bags provided by the hotel for dirty clothes to dispose of used baby diapers.

13. What’s that smell?

Put baby wipes in your suitcase or in dirty diaper bags to get rid of any unpleasant odors.

14. Internet connection

If the hotel charges a fee for using the Internet, you can share Wi-Fi from your mobile phone.

15. Keep that toothbrush clean

Use laundry pegs to keep your toothbrush from tumbling to the floor.

16. Laundry time

Use coins and a plastic bag to draw water. Then you can rinse the clothes under tap water.

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