17 Game-Changing Hair Styling Tips and Tricks for Women

Doing your hair every day is difficult, especially if you lack the skills and technique of a stylist.

Usually girls just wash their hair and then use a hair dryer. Once in a blue moon they straighten their hair with a hair tong, and curl it if they feel particularly adventurous.

No more! Plain and boring hairstyles will no longer be a part of your life with these tips and tricks for better hair all day, every day! Looking your best 100% of the time is real!

Hair Styling at Home

1. The look of a curl depends on the way you twist the curl on the curling iron.

2. Here’s how to give your ponytail some much-needed volume.

3. Here’s another way to make an elegant elevated ponytail.

4. Apply hair spray to a toothbrush to brush up particularly pesky strands.

5. A quick and easy way to add volume to your hair.

6. Here’s something truly inventive!

7. Here’s how to curl your hair without no hassle: Apply styling foam to your hair, tie them around your head with a band in a sort of a tourniquet and sit down for breakfast. Wait 10 minutes, and your hair is ready!

8. That’s how you really should use a bobby pin.

9. Aluminum foil is great even for the most unruly mops of hair.

10. Pins like these will keep a knot for much longer.

11. Add some waviness to your hair with this method.

12. Apply perfume to your favorite hairbrush, and its intoxicating bouquet will follow after you for an entire day.

13. Curling your locks in the middle will get you a casual and cute hairstyle.

14. Spice up short hair just like that.

15. To revive an old and used-up scrunchy toss it into some hot water for a short while.

16. Keep your brushes and combs clean! It’ll save your hair!

17. Make bobby pins truly invisible just like that!

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