17 Home Improvement Life Hacks

It might seem like nothing, but it really is the little things in life.

So here we go: sleeves up, gloves on, and imagination wide open – let’s do this!

Towel wall hooks made from door knobs

A paper towel holder for hanging bracelets on

An old wooden drawer reconditioned into a jewelry shelf

Here, some laundry hamper siding was used as a stencil for wall painting

One truly ingenious way to store your ironing board

A tissue box for storing grocery bags in

Rugs infested with hair and lint conquered with no more than a squeegee

Take a look at this plastic wrap remodeling protection

The backup house key

Stow the key in a pill bottle, glue a pine comb on top, and half-way burry it near the front door

Just rubber band it

Save time opening or propping open doors when moving by rubber banding it.

The solution to slippery rugs:

Line the bottom of your rug with some thin strips of everyday sealant, and let it dry.

Short bed springs repurposed as clothing hangers

Paper folders for organizing your shoes

Glue a hook to the back of your child’s high chair

Get the dust out of all your legos in one fell swoop

Socks for mop heads

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