18 Great Autumn Looks

Autumn means chilly, chilly means winter coming, and winder means cold. Cold is a problem because for some reason, the warmer the clothes, the uglier they have to be. At least that’s what we’ve grown accustomed to. But there is another way out. Keep warm without looking dorky and stick to your favorite style with these 18 great autumn looks.

18 Great Autumn Looks

Practical is all the rage these days. Functionality is right up there on the list of requirements for a good image, along with chic, cute, unique and so on. Your standard pair of blue jeans is goes with more outfits than you might think, be it your oversized cozy sweater, or classic casual dress shirt. Skinny jeans are even more versatile, pull them on with a turtleneck, or a cute blouse. Whichever you fancy.

That feminine look you’re going for is not that far off, since the right choice of skirt or dress can give you just that. Experts say that you should have three or more skirts on hand at all times, no matter what season it is.

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