20 ideas for above-the-bed art

One of my biggest decorating challenges is coming up with something to fill big wall spaces. It’s especially tough if the furniture isn’t very tall, like many beds. Here are 20 unique ideas and new takes on old favorites you could use to fill the wall space above the bed–or anywhere else!

Styling by Meagan Camp, Photography by Emily Gilbert

1. Old Doors

2. Empty Windows


3. Garland

3. Sheet Music

Badgley Mischka Home, from Elle Decor (photography by Roger Davies)

4. Trophies or Plaques

5. Split Photo

6. Framed Wallpaper

 7. Hats

 8. BIG Artwork

9. Extra-small Artwork

10. A Seat Cushion

11. Multiple Mirrors

12. Chalkboard

13. Antlers

14. Your Name

15. Wreaths

16. Plates

17. Maps

18. Reclaimed Wood

19. Layered Empty Frames

20. Nothing–which is perfect sometimes!

I hope some of these ideas sparked your imagination–

What’s above your bed?

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