20 Ingenious Inventions

Day after day people keep on coming up with new ways to make their lives easier.

20 Ingenious Inventions

Bag clasper

Bag holder

Coffee cup with droplet retainer

Flat extension cord

Pizza cutters

Lock with key funnel

Slip-on bookmarker

USB batteries

Portable car mattress

Convenient scotch tape

360 power outlet

Subway where you pay with used packing materials

USB power outlets

Power outlet with extension cord

GSP trinket with smartphone connection

Rotating bench for rainy conditions

A surge protector and a puzzle in one package

Self-cleaning hairbrush

Basketball bin

Mop slippers

No-tangle earbuds

Toothbrush squeezer

Mirror wipers

Kitchen scissors with multiple blades

Pan holder

Lid holder for better steam evaporation

Beverage can handle

See-through toaster

Scissors with built-in scotch tape

Shoes with collapsible heel

Backlit toilet

This’ll help you figure out your calorie count

Bag carrier

Handy if you like beer

Locks of the future

Great for hiking

Who says only your baby has to have all the fun

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