20 Top Notch Wall and Floor Decorating Ideas

I couldn’t help myself and undertook the task of remodeling and sprucing up my house. So began my search for creative and amateur decorating concepts and cost friendly methods, which I decided to share with you. Enjoy.

20 Top Notch Wall and Floor Decorating Ideas

The most obvious way to change things up around the house is to repaint the walls. Straightforward, single-toned, passive designs are on their way out, making room for the bright, the unique, the geometric, the creative.

Simply using everyday household items to create new designs and applying multiple paint shades of the same color can make all the difference. Go for a new, subtle but bold effect as depicted here, using just this makeshift cloth roller.

An all-natural, or foam sponge

Bubble wrap, ordinary twine, or net around a rolling pin can really shake things up

Painting threw a net or tulle brings out a very eye pleasing dimension in the new paint job

Lines in your painting can be done using rough brushes. The width and depth of the resulting lines can be regulated by how much pressure you apply.

A less overt look can be achieved by applying some plastic wrap.

Just a little bit of paper applied correctly can give you some real good designs.

You can go the extra mile and throw in some color twists post factum, when the paint has already dried.

For those with a more geometric look at life, there are always a number of stencils available or easily makeable.

Or go even more basic and use whatever you have at home!

A decent canvas can be turned into a multiple use stencil as well.

Here are a few designs for the adventurous stencil makers out there.

Liven up your stencil designs by using multiple colors simultaneously.

Stencil designs are great for flooring as well, just make sure you scale correctly.

Simple, but varying templates can layer up for a gorgeous minimalistic view of nature.

If you don’t have the time, recourses or energy to redo an entire room or wall, some basic shapes in the right place can do the trick just as well. Some generic embroidery designs will do just fine.

I hope these ideas got your imagination going and inspired you to greater and more beautiful things! Thanks for reading.

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