21 Closet Space Ideas

21 Closet Space Ideas

You can’t help but notice it in the movies. Those walk in closets that every woman secretly (or not at all secretly) wants and dreams about. Undeniably, it feels good to walk into your own closet. Its also practical and extremely comfortable.

Ideas for a small closet

If you have a spare room, don’t waste it! Transform the entire thing into a walk in closet.

Interesting shoe display idea

Fold out ironing board to save space

I could live in this closet. No problem.

The more shelves the more things, right?

This room with a window seat is simply begging you to hop onto the windowsill with a steaming mug of coziness and enjoy the view.

Your husband would probably appreciate a few shelves too. 🙂

Perfection on every level.

Don’t forget to hang a mirror inside as well. Somebody’s gotta check out all those gorgeous outfits.

If you don’t want a walk in closet in your house yet, check yourself for a pulse.

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