21 Ideas For Your Bathroom

Your bathroom should be the one place where you’re not shy to pamper yourself. Set things up how you like them, make it comfy and cozy, and leave no detail out. You deserve it. Here are some ways to make your bathroom your haven.

1. Enough of that cold tile floor in the morning! Wouldn’t a ridiculously soft and welcoming floor rug be a better way to usher you into the new day?

All you need is s pile of pom-poms and any old rug for a base.

2. The ever slimy, painfully ugly heap of shampoos, soaps, and everything else simply has to go. Never being able to find what you need, or picking up an empty bottle of body wash mid-shower is something you shouldn’t be putting up with.

Pour all of this into identical bottles with labels, which will make things that much more pleasant and easily accessible.

3. Get an organizer for all the little things.

Believe us, it will make your life noticeably simpler.

4. Bet you’ve never thought of this one: a bent shower curtain.

This will give you a bit more shower room.

5. Double shower curtains look better.

You don’t even have to buy new ones, some can simply be carefully cut in half.

6. A vintage ladder to hang towels on.

7. It might sound crazy, but a second shower rod can really come in handy.

8. Why leave spa procedures for the spa? Experience them every day!

9. Crystal mouth wash holder? Why not.

10. A simple, light trey for wine or reading in the bath is a must have for a relaxing evening on your own.

11. An old set of drawers can be a new bathroom addition.

12. Simply painting the frame of your mirror will give you a whole new perspective.

13. Enough loose just under the sink, organizing it will take just a couple holders and a few minutes.

14. Saving space in the bathroom is half the battle.

So free up some room by hanging containers for makeup accessories.

15. This one you never would have thought of on your own!

16. Throw in some old time charm for some designer effect.

17. Old or vintage? Vintage.

18. Antlers for hanging towels? Sure, no big deal.

19. Keep everything organized, in plain view, and close by.

20. Geometric mirror decorations.

Use some cardboard for the base and shape, then cover it with mirror shards for that special effect.

21. Plants will literally breathe some life into your surroundings.

Make sure to choose a plant that can survive in your bathroom conditions, especially if you don’t have any windows.

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