25 Life Hacks for Around the House

1. Think vertical

Shelves set up in a V formation going up as high as you can reach will save you a significant amount of space.

2. Book corner

Set up an area for storing and reading books in the corner, with a thin mattress and blanket to snuggle up into.

3. Do it yourself

Instead of dreaming of a comfy window seat, make one yourself. All you’ll need is a couple normal chests of drawers or bureaus and something soft to spread of the top and sit on. Set it up beneath your window, and nobody will ever be the wiser.

4. Smart and useful

Don’t waste the space under your closet, for instance, an overturned painting frame works great for storing shoes.

5. All the colors of the rainbow

Thin shelves are perfect for creating a neat little kids reading area. Don’t forget, kids love bright colors!

6. This and that

This piece from a kitchen counter makes into a completely functional changing area for your newborn.

7. Free up some space

A great way to free up the play room of its constantly underfoot stuffed animals, by hanging them up, each in its own pocket.

8. Literature gallery

Kitchen railings double as an eye pleasing way to display books and magazines in your living room. Keep your guests entertained and interested, with an extensive display of your literature.

9. Jewelry corner

To put an end to losing rings and bracelets, hang them on the wall by your mirror. Now choosing what to wear can be so much easier!

10. A book lover’s dream

Transform your table lamp into a bedside e-book holder, making it even easier to read before bed!

11. Every thing in its right place

That unorganized pile of laundry really can be very disheartening. That’s why folding it into separate compartments will save space and make organizing less of a chore!

12. Be practical

A little bedroom can be made a tad bigger by keeping things in drawers under the bed. And best of all, you can’t even see it.

13. Bamboo

A bamboo stand for your tablet is just priceless when cooking. No more oily spots on your screen, while your favorite recipes will be right where you need them.

14. Useful decorations

Saving space in your kitchen drawers is simpler than ever when you keep your ladles and spatulas in these gorgeous milk jugs.

15. Ideas that stick

Two magnetic knife holders glued to the fridge. Don’t miss the genius in this!


The cabinet under your kitchen sink is a good place for any boxes and bottles that may need storing.

17. Everything under control

Keeping things neat in the kitchen is possible without a lot of cabinet space. Section dividers in each drawer help simplify things.

18. Right where you need it

A remote holder could be worth its price, even if you don’t watch TV. Paper, pencils, napkins and the other hundred and one things your kids need in the car can be safely stowed in individual pockets.

19. No need to go far

A small shoe shelf can be utilized in the bathroom to store soaps and toilet paper, so as to avoid uncomfortable situations!

20. Side-by-side

Your army of brushes and tubes shouldn’t be left to terrorize the entire bathroom, and never be there when you need it something specific. Do yourself a favor by arranging it all in decorative flower pots and jars, taking one more stress point out of getting ready in the morning.

21. Reach up

A few silverware drying containers hung in the bathroom could save a lot of space, an eliminate that messy cabinet nightmare.

22. Wherever you go

It’s a pain lugging cleaning supplies all over the house, forgetting something in one room and the rest in the other. You won’t regret getting one such turquoise cart to lightly wheel from room to room, keeping everything you need at hand wherever you go.

23. For the little things

The smaller the stuff, the better container it needs. Keep your hair pins and scrunchies in metal containers.

24. Hook it

Hang a few hooks on your shower curtain rod, for washcloths, towels, and toys, freeing up shelves for shampoos and gels.

Cosmetic heaven

Sticking magnets to your cosmetic products allows you to store them vertically, on a pretty metallic board, giving your interior a unique feature.

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