25 Neat Ideas for Home Decor

25 Neat Ideas for Home Decor

Everyone feels like they to make some sort of a change at some point in their life. Give it a few years and you will get tired of looking at the walls of your own house. But tearing them down isn’t the most feasible or indeed sensible solution.

Here’s a list of 25 things you can do right now to liven your place up.

1. Wall Organizer

This will add a creative touch to your bathroom and make everything that much easier to store.

2. Visually Enlarge the Room with Mirrors

A mirror placed near a window not only adds more natural light to your room but also visually increases its size.

3. Mirrors as Decorations

Mirrors can be hung on walls instead of pictures or be placed on window boards to fill empty spaces. Whether small or large, mirrors add light and luster to any home in any style.

4. Unusual Lampshade

A stylish and unusual lampshade will become the main art piece of the interior of your living room or bedroom.

5. Ceiling Curtains

If the curtains are attached closer to the ceiling, the visual size of the room increases dramatically.

6. Colorful Curtains

Single-color curtains are so last century. If you want to freshen up your interior, choose curtains with a colorful print.

7. Unusual Curtain Rods

Don’t forget about the curtain rods. They tend to catch the eye much faster than the curtains, no matter how bright and colorful, and stylish curtain rods will add that much more luster to any room.

8. Bath Curtain

Again, curtains hung close to the ceiling means more breathing room.

9. Stylish Curtain Tiebacks

Why stop at curtain rods?

10. TV Frame

Put your TV in a frame. Most TVs today come with a screensaver, so why not turn your TV wall into a gallery?

11. Hide the Wires

Why? Well you can trip over those. They’re also ugly as sin. You can use a shower rod to hide them.

12. Or Just Make it a Part of the Interior

If you can’t fight it, join it.

13. New Handles Everywhere

You really don’t have to buy new stuff to make your room look different. Just buy or make new handles for your doors and furniture.

14. Designer Headboard

The headboard should be the prettiest part of the bed. A skillfully designed headboard can become the true eye-catcher in your bedroom.

15. Bed Canopy

For that royal touch. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself.

16. Renew Your Linoleum

Literally grab a couple of cans of paint and go nuts.

17. Drawers

Designers love drawers and advise you to put them everywhere. We tend to agree, because they’re just that useful.

18. Dark Ceiling

Everyone is used to having bright ceilings, but designers across the globe implore us to reconsider. A dark ceiling will give any room an air of sophistication and class.

19. Prettied-up Outlets

Colorful scotch tape, scrapbook paper etc is your friend here.

20. Mirror Frames

Framed mirrors are a must if you’re going for a classy feel.

21. Gold

Golden paint can be used to highlight certain elements of decor to add sophistication.

22. Visually Enlarge the Ceiling

You can visually enlarge the ceilings with the help of ordinary paint, measure 2-5 inches of the wall near the ceiling and paint this part white.

23. Stylish Walls

Add more color! Period!

24. Hide Your Bed

If you live in a studio apartment, this method is perfect for you. Separate the sleeping area from the rest of the apartment with curtains.

25. Pretty Radiators

Yes, even radiators can be pretty. Don’t be afraid to decorate literally everything, radiators included. You’ll be surprised how different your home can look every time you change even the tiniest of details.

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