26 Masterpiece Drawings You Thought Were Photos

Unbelievable. Take a look at this photography! But wait, its not photography at all, the following pieces of art were created with, well, a pencil. Insanely realistic, right? Wrong. Its hyperrealistic at a whole new level.

26 Masterpiece Drawings You Thought Were Photos

Paul Cadden takes three to six weeks to produce each masterpiece, and sells them for around 8000$. If that seems a little steep, scroll on down, you’ll realize they are worth every penny.

Artistry in progress

Paul Cadden specializes in portraits

Its sensational how an ordinary pencil can create something so close to reality

Paul never shies away from a good nature scene

A favorite approach of his is capturing people in their natural everyday surroundings

Breathtakingly organic, Paul’s work tends to reveal the beauty in people that you might not otherwise have noticed.

He has always had a soft spot for abstract anatomy

Take some time to dive into his world of meaningful art

This stuff will blow you away. It makes you wonder, how much time and work he had to put in to get to this level, right? Try showing your friends some of these drawings. They’ll think they are photographs every time, guaranteed.

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