30 Delightful Pedicure Ideas

Summer means open toe and the opening of a whole new chance to look fashionably and seasonally gorgeous. The key her, as you guessed by the title, is a well-done pedicure.

We put together a collection of 30 ideas with pictures of pedicures that will be all the rage this summer. Tell us which one is your favorite in the comment section! Here we go.

1. Elegant simplicity.

Elegant simplicity Pedicure Ideas

2. A touch of the seas.

3. Beauty in the basics.

4. Time for some sunshine.

5. This tender look might catch the attention of some brides to be.

6. Some lavender creativity.

7. Fit for the royal family, right?

8. Ancient Greece has never looked so modern.

9. Don’t be afraid to brighten things up.

10. Throwback to the Roman Empire.

11. Minimalism.

12. Back to the seashore.

13. A careful composition of white and pale purple.

14. An original approach to good old color shading.

15. Get some sun, some sand, some style.

16. Not for keeping things on the down low, that’s for sure.

17. Subtle and deeply tasteful.

18. Art like this will always have its day.

19. Some playful color schemes.

20. This seaside hypnosis just won’t let you go.

21. Imagination let loose.

22. Sailor style.

23. Effortless. Pretty. Refined.

24. A tasteful emphasis on color fade.

25. Vacation with confidence.

26. Dignified with nothing to prove.

27. A universal option that will match just about any outfit.

28. Utterly ladylike.

29. Sophisticated, but not too much.

30. For all you girly girls out there.

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