33 Ideas For Stuff You Thought Was Useless

Enough is enough. That’s right, we’re finally coming to realize the futility of mindless consumption and waste. With this realization comes the need to recycle and reconsider the way we use the things at our disposal. So in steps the creative mind, and its ability to find practical ends for everyday means.

Thus, a pretty shell from a colorful Easter egg found its place hosting a dainty candle, and broken pottery shards proved perfect for a unique looking garden décor.

1. Garden décor made from broken pottery shards.

2. A little more broken pottery and you have small-scale fairytale kingdom.

All you’ll need is a little craftsmanship and some imagination to bring far far away right to your back yard.

3. Sometimes, more is better. Turn that dust collector from the garage into two high-end console tables.

Go for some extra sophistication with one of these future collectables in your bedroom and one in your living room.

4. Extra textiles make for a great tent or fort for your kids.

For instance, a broken umbrella has the durable waterproof material ideal for sheltering your kids’  playtime, or even making a cover for tools or other yard stuff.

5. Another use for a ruined umbrella is one of these neat little waterproof bags for metal tidbits.

6. Melt your child’s old crayons into a pill bottle to make new ones.

Crayons are great. Kids love them, and they work so well. Until they don’t. As soon as they become useless in their current state, you can melt them into anything resembling a writing tool, be it a pill bottle, chapstick or a glue stick. Oddly enough, you can use the same method for making candles.

7. Here’s what the glues stick option looks like:

8. And the candles.

9. Fix your footwear with nothing more than some cloth.

Flip flops and sandals always seem to tear at the worst possible times. The good news is that they can both easily be repaired and even improved with a few strips of cloth and bit of outside-the-box thinking.

10. Not for the faint of heart! Turn your old Toms into some new and comfy summer shoes.

11. Wine glasses with a broken base (so annoying) as candle holders to liven up your plants.

12. Chipped and cracked plates come in handy around the garden.

13. Broken pieces are perfect drainage for flower pots.

14. Never toss out your old hanger clips!

15. Broken brooches make for some cute magnets.

16. If painted the right way, any old branch from the park is good for hanging your jewelry on.

17. Old beads are great for creating bright new bracelets.

18. Out of style jewelry is by no means useless.

19. Light fixture hanging from old beads and necklaces.

20. A broken mirror shouldn’t break your holiday spirit, as the pieces can give tree ornaments a new sparkly look

21. Crush up your cracked tree ball ornaments and keep them on hand.

22. With the world at your fingertips, transform a globe into two light fixtures.

23. Or flip those same globe halves over and you have a couple decorative bowls.

24. Chipped cups and saucers are cute as bird feeders.

25. An empty frame doesn’t have to stay empty, since your earrings need to be hung up

26. Broken chairs offer a chance to make some very unique hangers.

27. A chair with no legs works well as an outdoor swing.

28. Here are several ways to implement an old bike wheel:

29. Take it to the kitchen for pots and pans.

30. Some black tape and feathers will add a native American feel to it.

31. An everyday step ladder? Wrong, a living room bookshelf.

32. Your friends never saw this clock face necklace coming.


33. Your washing machine drum has more uses than you thought!

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