33 Short Hair Styling Ideas

Having short hair doesn’t mean resignation to one boring hairdo. There is a myriad of options and tricks for those who prefer not to deal with long, high maintenance hair. Don’t believe it? Keep reading!

A flirty look to keep things light and breezy

Use your curling iron to master up a wavy look around the cheek bones, making it impossible for you not to be noticed. Really, this one is tried and true.

Better than your basic pony tail

If your hair is too short for a pony tail, try this one out for size! Its quick and easy, telling everyone that you can look great without trying too hard.

Textural waves

This one’s especially cute for going to that friend’s cocktail party. It is simple enough not to look out of place, but snazzy enough to turn a few heads.

For this style you don’t even have to wash your hair, which makes it especially useful! Who knows what may come your way, forcing you to get moving in a rush!

The mini Mohawk

No, you don’t have to go punk on everyone. Just a little mousse and a few touches to accentuate and voila!

Tie something into the mix

The beauty of this approach is that you can change your style daily, just by swapping out your accessories.

Pick things up

Use a blow dryer and brush to spruce things up, then set apart a few tendrils to give it some kick.

The braid isn’t going anywhere

You spend half your childhood learning to braid your hair, so don’t let it go to waste! They’re still just as cute as ever.

Retro throwback

Prove to those haters that short cuts aren’t just for rebels! Take things back in time and dig up some of that sassy old time sophistication.

Layers and buns

Sure, this one requires a little more length, but try some new things, maybe it’ll look even better on your length and texture.

Keep things elegant

Evening dresses and black tie events are no exception to the short cut still looks great rule. Stow a couple of these tips away for a special occasion.

Twist away

Your curling iron truly can work wonders. The styles in the pics below have a certain hard-to-get appeal to them that you can’t quite put your finger on. Get in on it.

Give your bangs a little attention

Create your own look with a few tendrils across the forehead or some tantalizing dangling bangs.

So throw caution to the winds, along with the ordinary and sub-par hairdos you’ve come to associate with a short cut! You can be just as gorgeous, no matter what length you have.

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