33 Ways to Dye Hair of All Types and Colors


Blondes run Hollywood: ads, billboards, movies, TV — you name it. Leading the Squad is Margot Robbie, who has essentially become a household name.

Dark roots and a stylishly unkempt look is the name of the game, with Cara Delevigne and Chloe Moretz following suit.

Ready to get a little funky? Take notes after Jennifer Lawrence and Candice Swanepoel, and dye all your strands platinum blonde — forget about half-tones.


Don’t worry, an upgrade can be done without being so radical. Ask your stylist for a few highlights a few shades brighter, this’ll give your hair a sun-kissed look, if you’d somehow missed out during the vacation season. Meanwhile Hollywood is obsessed with the honeyed look —highlights along the entirety of the strands, with Selena Gomez rocking that sort of look, for example.


Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot. There are more shades of red than anywhere else. From the sweet strawberry blonde to a deep burgundy. Trendy balayage highlights look just as good on redheads as it does on blondes and brunettes: just make them a few shades lighter or darker than the main color. But don’t take any chances with ombre: overly sharp, contrasting transitions usually don’t turn out great on redheads.

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