36 m² of olive coziness

The rental was without repair and even without walls, so we decided how to plan it ourselves. My husband is an architect, all ideas are his as well as their implementation. The first project completed was within the existing layout with the kitchen and the room separated: we thoroughly discussed it with all the plans drawn and the furniture arranged. But my husband happened to show our project to a fellow architect and came home with a streaked sheet bursting with red lines. He said we were making a studio!

Our idea was to put a sofa in the kitchen for the guests to stay. But the main argument for the studio was that guests come to us once a year while we live in our apartment every day. I have to say, a studio is not suitable for all and everyone, but we live together without children, and we don’t need some special privacy or any space delusion. The task was to set on our 36 squares the following: a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom, necessarily with a real bed, not just a sofa, and a work area. Nowadays many people use laptops, but my husband needs a place for his desktop. This was the major problem for the most studio projects we revised had a TV on one of the walls and a sofa right opposite. In our case, the place for a sofa to logically fence off the living area is occupied by the desktop.

Hope you can benefit from our ideas!

This is what our apartment looked like when we got the keys:

The view from the bathroom: the corridor and the room are further, the kitchen is behind the right wall.

The repair on its way: all the walls are in drafts and plans.

My husband as an uneasy foreman for workers. The complete accuracy is the main target!

The view from the corridor to the kitchen.

The stage of repair: the mezzanine for tires and a framework for the future wardrobe compartment.

Pics of 3D planning.

One more 3D pic from the bedroom to the living room.

And now that’s what we got: our bedroom, living room, work area and a bit of the kitchen.

But we implemented it by removing the stand and hanging the TV on the swinging arm.

A close-up with the wardrobe visible next to the bed. It was made according to our sketches: simple in shape but very functional.

And the view from the bed: we watch TV when we want to be coach-potatoes. A swinging arm is very convenient!

We have a lot of storage space, even above the swinging arm

The view from the bedroom to the living room, the work space and the kitchen.

The view from the room to the kitchen.

The kitchen.

The stove is with two burners. I had been thinking for a long time, but chose this. I don’t regret for we have more free space which is very important for me as an active cooking gadgets user: I have a convection oven, a crockpot and a steamer. The microwave is rather high but I use it only to defrost meat.

From the kitchen to the corridor.

Our black cat didn’t fit in, especially when he started to molt. But his bright green eyes match the walls perfectly!

The view from the corridor: a dunny for a washing machine and the household detergents.

In the corridor we embedded some space to make a special mezzanine for tires.

Our small bathroom. One more space for household detergents, a small sink and a shower on the right. We don’t have a bath but we don’t regret it.

In the shower we have a niche for body washes and shampoos.

We have a seat in our bath. It’s so nice to wake up here under the rain!

The mirror is rather big and it has a heating spiral which prevents its steaming.

Waiting for the guests.

Our small balcony.

Our wardrobes, mezzanines above the wardrobe compartment.

The color pattern: olive (60/104) and beige (66/256). In some pics it looks like pink but it is still warm beige.

The plan with the furniture.

Source: ideas.vdolevke.ru

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