37 Creative Options Using Wine Corks

37 Creative Options Using Wine Corks

Cup stands

3D letters for decor

Custom heelpiece




A holder for name cards

Cheese knife handles

Bathroom carpet

Door decorations

A necklace or a pin

New drawer handles

Plant tags


Vase fillings

A prop for hot meals

Renew your coffee table

You can put tiny plants into them

A stand for your jewelry

Bag clasp

Wall decor

Garden chairs

A novelty USB carrier

A shabby chic style chandelier

Make your furniture more stable



Bling out your corks with some glitter

You can also write useful notes on the corks

Cute toys

Tiny seamen

Needle cases

Simple stamps

Animal sculpture


Yarn bobbins

Fire starters

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  • I love the ideas, just wish there were tutorials! Did you hand paint the eggshell mosaic? (Most ((meaning “I”)) people are not that talented)Or was the napkin used to transfer the picture or just to break the shell? I also LOVE your Scrabble board!! You are one talented and patient lady!!

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