4 Cheap Chic Ways to Paint Your House

When renovating you home, what to do with the walls often becomes a big problem. What should I go with? Wallpaper? Paint? People often go for the former. But we want to show you 4 ways to paint your walls so beautifully that you’ll never look back to that sticky, messy, out dated, wallpaper past.

4 Cheap Chic Ways to Paint Your House

For painting you’ll require some old rags, plastic wrap etc. With their help you can get interesting patterns that will decorate the wall. Even super-elite housing will not look better than your apartment or house with such walls 🙂

Painting with a coarse sponge

Here we use food wrapping

You can use a simple brush to make straight lines

A rag, folded onto itself, will help you achieve a marbling effect

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