44 Jamie Oliver Cooking Tips That Will Turn You into a Michelin Star Chef

Jamie Oliver is a world famous chef known for his numerous TV shows and books. Many people familiar with his craft and art know Oliver by the nickname “The Naked Chef”, but that doesn’t actually mean he walks around flashing everyone. What it does mean, however, is that in his works he reveals all the secrets of great cooking, hiding nothing from the audience. Jamie Oliver’s recipes are utilitarian, but elegant, emphasizing common, easy-to-find ingredients, and greatly reducing cooking time. That’s why Jamie Oliver is so acclaimed: simple yet original, his recipes are just that good. That’s what Jamie Oliver really works for: so that his recipes can be repeated by anyone, even those who usually hate cooking. It goes without saying that the result is invariably a healthy, delicious meal, perceived as a true masterpiece that will wow your guests time and again.

Cooking tips

  1. When making meatballs, be sure to keep your hands moist with a little bit of water so that raw meat doesn’t stick to your fingers.
  2. If you can’t find a specific ingredient, replace it or forget about it altogether. It will still taste good!
  3. You can’t taste anchovies in pasta.
  4. When heated, limes yield more juice.

  1. To clean a pomegranate, cut it in half, and knock the seeds out by giving it a little slap.
  2. To prevent pasta from becoming dry and sticky, always leave a little bit of water when pouring it out the pot.
  3. If you put some fatty smoked bacon on top of the fish, it will bring more flavor out of the fish.
  4. To remove excess moisture from potatoes, drain the water and cover the pot with a towel or newspaper, which will absorb the excess liquid.
  5. Bacon will give chicken a smoky aroma.
  6. To squeeze more juice out of a lime, give it a little roll on the table while pressing gently.
  7. To remove the seeds from olives quickly and easily, crush them on the table using the bottom of a bowl.
  8. To squeeze more flavor and juices out of aromatic herbs, crush them in a mortar and sprinkle them with olive oil.
  9. Pepper should be roasted until almost black to make it sweet.
  10. Apricot kernels will give salad an amaretto-like flavor.
  11. To zest a lemon, hit the lemon with some boiling water, and peel the skin off with a very sharp knife in the form of a spiral ribbon.
  12. Lemon peel should be thinly grated.
  13. Salt the mushrooms at the end of cooking time.

  1. Try to cut the lemon zest as thinly as possible with a small sharp knife, avoiding the white subcortical layer.
  2. Pasta can be easily broken up into smaller pieces by wrapping it in a towel.
  3. Add pineapple to the dishes if you need to get rid of excess fat.
  4. When you’re frying a zucchini you should mash it a little.
  5. To make chocolate sauce taste better, add an orange to it.
  6. Apricot goes perfectly with fatty meat.
  7. Eggplant should be cooked for no longer than a few minutes.
  8. Paper is great for absorbing excess fat from chicken.
  9. Cook fresh beets in salt water.
  10. Do not put too much charcoal in the grill; put the charcoal to one side and gradually shift the food so that it does not burn.
  11. Salad potatoes should be cut while hot.

  1. If you’re grilling meat, you can sprinkle a spoonful of flour on top of it to help the meat in developing a crispy crust.
  2. If you’re pan frying a fish, you don’t really need to cover the pan with oil, you need to rub the fish itself.
  3. You can put crab meat sprinkled with grapefruit juice on toast or add it to pasta.
  4. If you add lemon zest to milk, it’ll break down, and the resulting sauce will resemble cottage cheese.
  5. Mix your herbs with potatoes only right before serving.
  6. To get garlic mass using only a knife, crush finely chopped garlic with a knife and add salt, which will serve as a nice sorbent for all the moisture.
  7. To get a tasty dressing quickly, combine sorrel and fennel with lemon juice.
  8. Mass of eggs, sugar and juice should be whipped over boiling water.
  9. Lemon zest goes great with chocolate.
  10. It’s better to add peppermint right when you start frying.
  11. To make chili pepper lose some of its bite, wash it in plenty of water and get rid of the seeds.
  12. To avoid pungent smells when you’re frying onions, add salt and sautee it over low heat.
  13. To prevent fish from sticking to the grill, you need to rub salt on the fish in advance, and the salt will absorb the excess moisture, which causes the fish to stick to the grill.
  14. Vinegar helps remove excess salt from olives.

  1. Vermouth will give risotto rice an interesting flavor.
  2. If you want to heat up some honey, put the jar in hot water.

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