5 Quick and Effective Ways To Rid Your Cabinets of Grease Residue

5 Quick and Effective Ways To Rid Your Cabinets of Grease Residue

You know what we’re talking about, its those grease spots all over your kitchen cabinets. Getting that grease out, especially areas near your burners, really is a pain. I tried expensive cleaning solutions, but soon gave up. Then I came upon these cost friendly options that you don’t even have to buy anything for, since you already have everything you need at home!

Bye-bye grease residue

Natural options are always the way to go. They don’t leave behind a scent of any kind, don’t harm your skin, while still being just as effective as any chemical option out there.

Here are five separate approaches you can take to those cabinets and get the job done. If this doesn’t do it, I don’t know what will.

Oil and backing soda

Такая смесь помогает очистить не только жирные поверхности, но и любые типы загрязнения.

baking soda

  1. Mix together an equal amount of vegetable oil and backing soda and apply the mixture to the cabinet surface. The oil will protect your surface from scratching.
  2. After letting it settle for 25-30 minutes, wipe off the grease with a wet sponge. Repeat if necessary.

Citric acid

When using citric acid, you’ll need to repeat this procedure once every 1-3 weeks.

  1. Mix together 2 tablespoons of backing soda, one teaspoon of citric acid, and add a little water. Apply to surface and wipe clean a few minutes later.
  2. If the first measure showed no results, try using a teaspoon of citric acid and several drops of dish soap. Apply the mixture and wait around 30 minutes before wiping with a wet sponge.


Vinegar really gets a bad rep because of its smell. That’s not fair, seeing as how it can clean just about anything.

  1. Mix together about half a cup of vodka, apple cider vinegar, half a teaspoon of an essential oil, orange, for instance.
  2. Spread the mixture over the dirty surface and wipe clean after about 15 minutes.

Baking powder

  1. Mix baking powder and water, then apply to surface.
  2. Wash off after 25-30 minutes.

Bar soap

That’s right, your ordinary bar soap is great for cleaning stone, marble and wood.

Bar soap

  1. Rub soap in water until bubbles appear, then apply to the spot.
  2. Wash off the area 15 minutes later and dry.

A few tips for the road:

  1. When cleaning marble, avoid any chemical substances, and stick to your everyday bar soaps.
  2. Scrapes and scratches on a wooden surface can be easily disguised by being rubbed over with a walnut.
  3. Polish will help prevent grease appearing on your surfaces.
  4. When cleaning vertical surfaces, spread plastic on the floor, to avoid oil drips.

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