5 Ways to Make a Dining Area in a Tiny Kitchen

A dining area is something many of us wish we had, but just don’t have the space needed. But even then there are many ways to squeeze a way comfier one into the kitchen you have, even if it’s absolutely tiny. Below are five ingenious and creative ways to build a place where you can share your food with your friends, family and loved ones without cramping up an already tightly packed kitchen even more.

1. A Bar Counter

If a full-size dining table that can accommodate your entire family will probably eat up all the space in your kitchen, the bar counter is the ideal solution. It allows you to separate the workspace from the dining area, creating a cosy and comfy lunch area that won’t leave you bumping your elbows and snagging your ankles on every corner in the kitchen.

The bar counter is ideal for a narrow, stretched-out kitchen. With a few brackets and a hunk of wood, you can create the perfect dining area near the windows, where you can enjoy your morning coffee.

2. Double Functionality

If your kitchen is only a little bigger than a moderately large closet, it is best to choose furniture that can multitask. The most versatile option? The good old kitchen table. The kitchen table can be used for cooking, you can store kitchen utensils in it, and, y’know, it’s a table, and you can eat on it.

All you need to have a peaceful family meal by the kitchen table is to drag a bunch of chairs from the living room, and there you have it. A simple yet elegant dining area right in the middle of your kitchen.

3. Foldable Furniture

If your kitchen actually is the size of a moderately large closet, foldable furniture is the way to go. A folding table or a table top that slides out of the wall is ideal.

Foldable furniture is pretty inexpensive, and if you’ve got the patience for it, fairly easy to build on your own. It’s also stupidly easy to install and can really liven up your kitchen with its originality to boot.

4. The Comfy Coffee Corner

If you’ve got a corner that you never use — squeeze your lunch area into it! Buy or build a bench with some storing space for kitchen utensils, some fancy pillows, and you’re all set.

The Comfy Coffee Corner not only gives you a place to relax, but it also gives you a place to relax without wasting a whole bunch of space. With no special skills needed a teensy bit of imagination, you can also build The Comfy Coffee Corner yourself!

5. The “Bistro” Style

To add a little bit of that Parisian chic to your kitchen, get a simple, study table and a pair of chairs, possibly folding. Even the smallest table can add to the overall percentage of useful space in your kitchen.

The bistrot style is ideal for an apartment with only two people living in it. It’s also quite romantic.

Food is important, daily meals are important, not only because of the obvious need for nutrition, but also as a daily ritual. It is necessary to have a place where you can sit down and fully appreciate the food, relax, and share a peaceful moment with your family and loved ones. By building a separate dining area (even if it’s just barely over a couple square feet) you can create a place where you can do exactly that.

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