50 Marvelous Ideas to Decorate Your Garden While Recycling Old Things (Photos)

Give your garden a year-round appeal and feeling of extended house space by creating stunning pathways, flower beds and adding colorful ornaments.

The adorable private garden starts with the artful fence.

Nifty fence posts can be designed as colored pencils…

..or stylish birdhouses.

A neat fence made of branches.


Giving the backyard a musical touch…

A swarm of butterflies decorates boring fence.

Chain link fence with wood slats gives your garden desired privacy.

Barn home surrounded by cobweb made from recycled bike wheels.

Round cuts of a tree trunk make a wonderful fence.

Add a little romantic feel to your garden space with cutting designs in the wood fence…

…or fill in fence holes with multi-color glass pebbles.

Intricate design with the use of barbed wire.

Mirror fences reflect light in the garden and camouflage themselves.

Now to some garden path ideas.

Pebble Mosaic Walkway.

A mix of colored materials. Pebbles, bricks, wood, stone…

…or plastic bottles.

Concrete leaf stepping stone pathway.

Concrete leaf stones can be used to create a mini waterfall.

DIY ideas for the flower bed.

Flower beds and garden decorations made from recycled tires.

Simple and clever ideas for DIY garden ornaments.

More DIY ideas for the beautiful and cozy garden, using recycled materials.

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