9 Ways to Use an Old Purse

Over the years most of our stuff loses most of the flair that made us buy it in the first place, and a lot of the time we throw it away, namely purses and bags that have either worn down with time or simply went out of fashion. Nevertheless, there are tons of ways to put your old worn-out things to use.

9 Ways to Use an Old Purse

A hanging flowerpot

You can use your old bag as a flowerpot like so.

A first aid kit

If you’re on the road a lot, a first aid kit is a must in any car, and why not use an old bag instead of trying to cram all your meds into the glove compartment.

Home decor

Your purses can serve as eye-catching wall decorations.

A sewing kit

An old cosmetic bag can be repurposed into a sewing kit.


Repurpose an unneeded bag into a luxurious-looking pillowcase.

Novelty toys for your children

Little girls will be especially enamored with the idea of playing with your bags.

A toolkit

Turn your bag inside-out, sew on some pockets, and use it to store gardening implements.

Hanging shelves

Attach your bags to the walls in your storeroom if you need more storage space.

Revive it

Breathe new life into your bags and purses by adding some decorations and keep on using them as usual if you’re particularly attached to them.

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