A Sack and Little Bit of Gaultier

Here’s some stuff I figured I’d share with you guys. I remodeled some dresses into something I call “sacks” for their convenience and simplicity. Doing the decor stuff is a really simple, if somewhat lengthy process. Anyways, keep scrolling if you want the details.

I purchased an XXL second-hand jean dress, which I guess is intended for pregnant women judging by the cut of it.

I didn’t really have an exact idea of how exactly I’d be remodeling it. First things first, I separated the top and the bottom, loosened the gathers, removed the sleeves. Without the gathers the neckline turned out too deep and wide, the top kept sliding off my shoulders. So I kept mucking around with it, trying to figure out how to wear the thing, and in the end, I decided to just put it on inside-out, and it turned out alright.

The skirt was much wider in the back, so I decided to fold it some, and the couple inches that I cut from the sides turned out to be of some use for the stitching. You can see the results below.

It’s pretty comfy but kinda bland… And my “to do list” is so large… You know what? I always wanted to do some soutache work like in the SS’12 Gaultier collection.

My dress isn’t close-fitting, but I figured I’ll take my chances. Gaultier’s soutache is done on the sewing machine, but I’m altogether not that daring, so I did it by hand.

I was well aware that I couldn’t make it as elegant and subtle as the original. I drew the patterns by hand, simplified it where it didn’t detract from the overall impression, but I think it turned out pretty similar to the original.

It took some 83 feet of soutache. I wouldn’t call my work perfect by any means, but given that I did it for the first time in my life – I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. It’s fairly doable in 3 or 4 evenings, but I like to savor the process — these embroideries took about a week and a half.

The resulting dress turned out to be extremely comfortable, and fairly unique-looking to boot. It looks presentable with any type of footwear — sandals, sneakers, running shoes, oxfords, anything. If you wear heels, it can even make you look preppy.

Here’s a bunch of similar dresses — easy to make, easy to make look great.

Source: secondstreet.ru

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