A Total Makeover, Free of Charge

What a neat idea: crossover clothing you can make by mixing a sweater with a blouse

Doing this gives you an item of clothing that can be adjusted to any body type on the fly. These are some inspired ideas that many a teenage girl will find useful, not to mention students or simply women interested in doing some needlework as a hobby.


Brilliant! Grab a couple of huge sweaters, turn the sleeves into pant legs, necklines into pockets, and you got yourself a brand new outfit!

A dual-layer effect achieved by making an insert in the front. The cherry on top: a scarf instead of a cord.

You can combine your sweater with a dress.

We wouldn’t fault you for thinking it’s just a sweater on top of a dress! But it isn’t! =)

The way I see it, don’t bother yourself with remodeling the dress, just sew on two halves of a jacket  (with the collar and buttons cut off).

If you cut up the dress and sew in patches of a blouse (as depicted) you can make the dress a little bit wider in the chest, if you need room to breathe.

You can use this kind of chiffon replacement for the backrest. What’s left of the blouse is basically just the front and the sleeves.

This particular method can be applied not only for changing the size, but also for repair, as well as a basis for a hoodie or a pullover

A T-shirt is also fine if you aren’t planning on cutting up a sweater.

Instead of chiffon you can sew contrasting flounces to the elastic band.

You can cut a cardigan on its sides and back, set it on a blouse or make separate inserts.


You can make inserts only in the side seams.

You can make inserts in the side seams and make a pocket from the same fabric.

You can also make your blouse however long you want, as long as you’re using stripes of similar texture.

You can cut the cuffs off and make inserts from a different fabric.

Something to consider for pregnant women.

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