All About Boho

Bohemian chic is the style of self-expression. People love it because it’s incredibly comfy. It’s all about high grade cotton, freedom and the feeling you get when wearing it.

All About Boho

1. Take this charming tunic for example.

This style is all about being stylish while avoiding all pretence.

2. A layered skirt and a plain blouse make for a simple, yet stunning combo.

3. The clasps are slanted, but the collar is straight. Sleeves and shoulders are right where they should be.

4. The folded back allows for size adjustments if needed.

5. This dress is layered so it doesn’t feel too transparent or clingy.

6. This cotton dress is deliberately decorated in only two places, and as a result, it looks both casual and sophisticated.

7. This item from adds large buttons so that it will make you look slim and trim while the dress itself is fairly wide.

8. An excellent boho variation using denim.

9. Another item with buttons that makes you look slimmer.

10. A high-collared dress with folds in the front and the back.

11. Lace makes everything fancy!

12. This “folded” look is a great concept, but make sure it fits at the shoulders, otherwise it’ll just look sloppy.

Here’s how it looks in the back.

13. This is the same concept, but executed much better, in my opinion.

14. A simple yet elegant idea.

15. Flax, silk, cashmere, bamboo are the go-to fabrics of boho. The contrasts make a loose dress look more streamlined.

16. Loving the pockets!

17. Asymmetry is basically just another word for style in my opinion.

18. Here’s an example of boho pants.

19. The tiny zipper, sleeve patches, the chest pocket — simple touches are extremely important for this look.

20. A lovely jacket.

21. Stunning!

22. Eye-catching knitwear from EILEEN FISHER.



23. Here’s a bunch of figures you can use for making some of the items we presented. Enjoy!


b) never skimp on the tiny details.







24. A small bonus for those who still doubt boho will fit them, but still want to try it out. You’ll just need tons of linen.

Two rectangular pieces of fabric are sewn together lengthwise, leaving a small opening in the center for the waist. This concept is taken from Uma Wang, who recommends using wool for this build, but we figure it can be done with cotton or linen or even denim as well. You just have to try.


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