How to make your own beaded bag. A trendy TikTok handbag

A small beaded purse has blown up TikTok! Stylish, elegant and shiny, it makes a great gift for a friend or yourself.

beaded bag

Beaded bag dimensions:

  • Height – 10 cm. (4 inches)
  • Width – 18,5 cm. (7.3 inches)
  • Side wall width (thickness) – 5 cm. (2 inches)

Materials and Tools

  • 2 long needles
  • Pair of scissors
  • 0.45 mm diameter fishing line
  • 500 g. 12 mm beads (faceted acrylic in the shape of a cube) or 337 beads.

To make

Unwind the longest possible length of fishing line (diameter – 0.45 mm). You can attach a pin to each end or paint the line in different colors for clarity. Thread 4 square beads (12 mm) and pass each needle crosswise through the last bead. The first cross is finished.

DIY beaded bag - 1

Now thread two beads on one side and one bead on the other and cross them again. Another cross is finished. Repeat this step 6 more times.

DIY beaded bag - 2

To make the last 9th cross and move on to the next row, thread 2 beads on the left needle and one on the right needle. Thread the left thread through the right bead to complete the first row and move on to the second row.

DIY beaded bag - 3

The first row of settings is woven. The second and subsequent rows are repeated until the end of the canvas. Thread 2 beads on the lower line and 1 on the upper line, passing the lower line through the right bead as shown.

DIY beaded bag - 4

Now thread the lower fishing line through the bead from the previous row. The cross is half formed – you only need to add 2 more beads.

DIY beaded bag - 5

Simply place a bead on each of the fishing lines and cross them. Repeat until the end of the row, except for the last cross.

DIY beaded bag - 6

The last cross is made the same way as the first row. Thread two on the top bead, thread the bottom line through the last bead, and continue to the next row.

DIY beaded bag - 7

Repeat the second row for a total of 12 rows. This is the main canvas of the bag.

DIY beaded bag - 8

Fold the canvas in half so that two rows of crosses are at the bottom – this will be the bottom of the bag. Thread a new fishing line through two beads that form a corner.

DIY beaded bag - 9

Thread two more and pass the fishing line, as shown in the diagram below, to complete the cross completely.

DIY beaded bag - 10

Now thread the top fishing line through two beads that form the opposite corners of the bottom and walls of the bag. Add a bead to complete the cross and cross the fishing lines.

DIY beaded bag - 11

Weave the sides of the bag completely in the same way.

DIY beaded bag - 12

Repeat on the other side. The bag is almost finished. All that remains is to attach a new fishing line and thread a bead through it, crossing the fishing lines each time. In this way you will weave the handle to the desired length.

DIY beaded bag - 13

The flap is also simple and easy. Find the middle of any side of the bag, attach a new fishing line, weave 5 crosses in width and about 3-4 in length. You can use magnets to close the flap.

DIY beaded bag - 14

To complete the beaded bag, take a gold chain and bite off the necessary length along the handle, attaching it to the bag so that the two handles are intertwined.

DIY beaded bag - 15

The adorable trendy beaded bag is ready!

DIY beaded bag - 16

Have a look at the video below for more details on how to weave a beaded bag:

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