Beautifully Simplistic Tips on Home Design

Quite a few of the tips in the article may come off too obvious, but we would rather not take anything for granted! So don’t scroll by too fast, some of these may make your life significantly easier. You deserve a break, so enjoy these shortcuts today.

1. These curtain rod holders are a viable option for those renting, who don’t want to drill holes in the wall.

2. Any necklaces you aren’t using can fixate your curtains and give them a Bohemian look.

3. Change your seasonal outdoor plants quickly and easily using windowsill plants. Pots in pots, why didn’t we think of this sooner?

4. For those whose belongings are hanging out in the open, hangers can be wrapped in bright scotch tape. For instance, a bright summer dress will look simply superb on these hangers.

5. Hide your router in a book cover. If the thought of ruining a book is unthinkable to you, as it is to some, then get your hands on an old photo album or just a hard cover.

6. Draw patterns on your light bulbs, and when you turn on the light, they will cast some cool looking shadows on the walls of your house.

7. Hang a beautiful wreath on the inverted hook, attaching it to the door.


9. Rough rope on the curtains will give the room a rustic or nautical style. A warm applause to those able to tie real sea knots.

10. Cut a cheap bedspread in half and you get some cute curtains.

11. If you do not have enough color around you, paint the side of your door. A good compromise if you want to paint the room hot pink and your roommate is dragging her feat.

12. By painting the sides of the dresser drawers, you can add some bright new colors to the nursery.

13. Put a tin can under a candle in a large vase helping your candle stand free more evenly, and requiring less filler.

14. Pour your mouthwash into a carafe. Why not treat yourself, and feel like an aristocrat for a while?

15. Who needs wood burning, just light the candles in the fireplace!

16. Decorate an ordinary fan with colorful ribbons.

17. Cover the inside of a lampshade with sparkles to generate some light reflection. A great alternative to a disco ball.

18. Walls painted in dual colors create the illusion of higher ceilings.

19. Avoid the rust and gunk by tying the curtain using some bows.

20. Make some holes in an old dark lampshade for a starry night effect.

21. Take a huge family photo and hang it on the wall.

22. Use sticky paper to first figure out how your photos or paintings will look on the walls, and only then drill holes.


24. A narrow bookshelf is a great way to fill an empty corner in a room.

25. The inner screen of your door can become home to an embroidered message.

26. Water and cornstarch help easily remove cloth wallpaper.


28. Simply paint your unsightly floors.


30. Less is more. Instead of getting a traditional lamp, hang a bulb over a shelf by rope. This will be a perfect fit for a minimalistic indoor environment. The rope can be painted or taped over creatively.

31. How to hang a picture or shelf quickly and smoothly? Measure the space needed cut a piece of tape to size, glue it onto the wall and boldly drill holes at both ends.

32. A quick and easy alternative to shelves: stairs and brackets.

33. Monotonous window curtains can be covered with some cloth, gluing it on using hot glue.


35. The same principle goes for an unsightly doormat.

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