Bobbles: How to Make Them and Use Them

Bobbles: How to Make Them and Use Them

Bobbles are fun; it’s a fun word to say and a fun thing to look at. If you’ve got lots of free time and you want to do something interesting that nonetheless requires almost no effort, and you’ve got bits of wool laying around, this guide is for you!

Bobble mats and pillows like this owe their creation solely to the imagination of people who made them, the actual skill requirements are negligible! After all, in order to make bobbles, it is entirely unnecessary to know any advanced knitting techniques. If you don’t have yarn, you can use the yarn from old sweaters. The resulting items will turn out even better, because used yarn tends to form curls on the bobbles.

To make a bobble like this, leave one of the ends of the dressing thread long: the thread will serve as a bookmark, and the bobble itself will stick out of the book.

You can even make cutesy and lively plaids and pillows using the techniques described here.

Breathe new life into old chairs.

You can also make carpets. They’re suitable for literally any apartment.

There’s nothing worse than artificial flowers that are “just like real flowers.” But the imitation, which doesn’t strive for total realism are heaps more interesting. Live flowers in winter are a luxury, and this is an interesting compromise.

Use bobbles for packaging!

This bag will liven up your wardrobe for sure!

Add some color to your curtains!

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