Bracelet with Disco Balls Selfmade

I suffer from agoraphobia, and when I see large crowds, I want to getaway. Therefore, I am completing my purchases during the festive season in the “Speedy Gonzales” pace and discover a possible bad buy only back home. So it happened with these disco balls, which I bought for Christmas tree decoration, but which proved to be a kind of deco confetti.

Go back to the lion’s den, only to exchange the balls for me was not in question – those things have cost just under 3 euros. And as I do not need any deco confetti, I made with the disco balls this bracelet and other earrings. For me, this was the better (and faster) way than to try to get cash in exchange from the harried sales clerks.

PS I just imagine myself scattering masses of small disco balls as decoration throughout our whole home. That would be definitely ground for divorce for my husband

Material And Tools – For This DIY Project You Need

1.) Streudeko disco balls (from the Christmas departments)
2.) large black beads (I have used 6 disco balls and 6 beads)
3.) a normal needle and a big needle for wool (or something else to make holes in the Styrofoam balls)
4.) elastic yarn for jewelry (stretchy)
5.) fringes for the tassels (wool or knitting yarns)

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

Before the DIY one more tip: Disco balls, which are not processed very well and may have slightly sharper edges, can be easily sealed with nail polish. Just paint the sharp edges with a little clear nail polish.

DIY Step 1

Craft the tassel following this manual (without beads) and then tie it up with a thread.

DIY Step 2

Pierce every 6 Styrofoam disco balls with the big needle.

DIY Step 3

Arrange the black beads and the disco balls alternately on the elastic thread.

DIY Step 4

Arriving at the end thread the elastic yarn into a needle and pull it through the beads and disco balls to the other end again. These can be left with a 4 cm long loop at the beginning (see photo).

DIY Step 5

Knot both ends a few times.

DIY Step 6

Finally, traverse the tassel through the loop and knot it with the threads of the bracelet a few times well. DONE!

DIY Tutorial – Final Result “Bracelet with Disco Balls”

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