Bring Old Furniture Back to Life

There are about 2 billion tons of waste is thrown out in the European Union. To give you a sense of scale, that is about 800 pounds per person. Only a fifth of this number is food, the rest is various types of garbage and more importantly items that can still be used.

Bring Old Furniture Back to Life

In this article we offer you tips on how to find uses for large and bulky interior items — outdated furniture, windows and doors that have seen some wear and tear, but can be easily revived in the hands of a particularly diligent person.

Scroll down and see for yourself! All of these can be used by anyone, feel free to add and change up some of the steps if you feel like it!

Here’s how you can find use for a door that’s seen some better days.

Old dressers.

The drawers can still be plenty useful, too, even if they’re pretty beat up.

Old beds.

Shutters as shelves.



As drink coolers.

Dog buffet =)

We showed you how to use the sewing machine table, but here’s a reminder anyway.

Old platbands.

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