Build a Garden House All by Yourself

Build a Garden House All by Yourself

First of all you’ll need a whole bunch of lumber. Eight quarters is fine, but you can go with something thinner if you want.

Shave them and cover with antirot. Build a pentagon.

We’ll need three.

Then we build our base. We’ll need concrete blocks 8x8x16.

The base is ready.

Get started on the floorboards.


Next we paint our floor and install one of our benches.

Get started on the second one.

Get some more lumber.

This is our lathing.


Again, lathing, but with polycarbonate in mind.

Polycarbonate all set up.

Then we decide to ruin the overall design with boring old metal siding, and get a base for it ready.

Done. Why metal siding? Well it’s better than leaving the wood hanging out naked like that, and it’ll add some durability to the structure.

Have a look inside, since apparently I can’t embarrass myself any more than I already did.

A tiny little step at the entrance. Covered liberally with antirot.

And finally the metal for the roof is here. It’s a relatively tiny package that for some reason took forever to get here.

Get started on the roofing.


Another angle.

Our cabling. 14 is fine. We put it into a tube and then underground.

Here’s our main feeder.

Our entry.

LED lamps.

And all done. Here’s what it looks like when it’s getting dark.

Feel free to kick my butt for this.

Contrary to what you might believe, I didn’t build this thing to drink beer with my buddies. It’s for my kids. My son is five, and it’s been exactly three months since my daughter’s birth.

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