Colorful and Tasteful Wall Painting Tips

Wallpapers were long a viable option for young home renovators hoping to give some variety and color to their surroundings without too much work. That era is quickly fading, as more and more painting methods are developed and the world of color coordination and design combinations is constantly being explored and shared. You can develop your own interior design concept, creating a new and fresh personality for your home. There are a number of tools and endless sources that can give you some easily applicable ideas. But instead of drowning under the ultimate waves of nice, but unattainable Pinterest goodness, take a few minutes to wade through our little pool of inspiration.


A house full of plain, solid colored walls, as numb to it as we may be after all these years, can eventually drive you into excruciatingly boring beige insanity. Striped walls are one of the simplest solutions. For those who are wondering how its done, you simply measure out some plastic or scotch tape layers that you paint over and then remove, effectively layering the original wall color and the newly added shade. Just don’t get carried away and make things to busy. Pay close attention to color coordination and take time for a step back every now and then, maybe just one striped wall is plenty, maybe you want to take it all the way and run with it.

Chevron Stripes

These V-shaped zig-zags offer a more modern art kind of feel to the room. Major corporations and visionary enterprises have been known to adopt geometric looking designs like these. Creativity is often very contingent to its surroundings, which is another reason to consider unorthodox options such as these. The technique here is more difficult than simple stripes, but doible if you are willing to put the effort in. Go online for some in-depth instructions.

Spider Webs

Oh what a tangled web we weave…ironically, this one has very few strings attached, and won’t get you hung up on the practical side as long as other choices might. A simple, usually random system of straight lines over a portion of, or an entire wall create an original spider-looking visual. Technique requires no more than the before mentioned stripes, but looks a little more outside the box.


Simple as 2+2. The beauty of this approach is that it really does add visual volume to the room, making it look bigger and more diverse. Any number of geometric shapes will do, despite the name, there shouldn’t be too much math involved here.


Ombre techniques are no longer limited to working with just hair. The subtle and soft color fades, whether in a cloud-like design, or over a series of variously tinted stripes, have their own very specific character. If you like it, take the time to pick out your favorites and the colors that best fit your room based on furniture, lighting, ceiling and carpet shades etc. The effect isn’t an easy one to achieve, but it is well worth the extra effort.

Partial Painting

This is a tasteful and minimalistic strategy, that, for obvious reasons, can save you time and money. Figure out what aspects of the room you would like to accentuate, using contrast and alternating where you paint. Many find this perspective appealing in that it gives your eyes a rest from excessive pictures and designs, without leaving your surrounding void of personality.

Zonal Painting

Choose a few areas that you would like to highlight and draw attention to, and paint just those. You can easily substitute the roll of wall hangings or even a bookshelf as room fillers by creatively painting the wall behind where they would be. Shapes, designs, symbols and pictures all work here, however, many opt for the more basic anyway, as this approach is largely directed towards accentuating objects or furniture, not drawing attention to itself.

Stamping or Spotting

It used to be popular to get your hands on a roller with stamp shapes in it, so when you pain, a series of smaller shapes are left behind. A similar concept can be applied her, or you can just leave behind a series of measures, or random spots. If you go about it the right way, this can be a real breathe of fresh air.

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