Cooking Tips You’ve Never Seen Before

Forget about it, you wouldn’t have known these tricks had we not shown them to you. These are the tricks people from the world over have used for generations.

Frozen wine

Pour wine into an ice cube form, and this way you’ll always have some wine when exact measurements are required for every sauce recipe out there.

Frozen herbs

Shred in a food processer then freeze. The resulting cubes are ideal for healthy cocktails and smoothies you might want to make later on.

A tip for perfectionists

Put your mincemeat into a ziplock bag and mold it with a pencil or the dull side of the knife.

Microwave your herbs

Let’s be real: you can’t eat a whole packet of parsley in one go. To keep it fresh and preserve the flavors, pack it into a paper towel, then microwave for a minute until it’s dry.

Herbs again

If it’s an expensive type of aromatic, pour a glass of water, put it into a plastic bag, tie with a rubber band, then keep in a fridge until you need it.

Milk ready to turn sour

Crush some cookies and toss the crumbs into the milk, then pour it into an ice cube form. When it freezes, you can take the cubes and pour hot coffee over it, you’ll get a delicious ice coffee as a result.

Unused chicken

Put the chicken into a zip bag and marinade them, this will help preserve the chicken and add to the flavor at the same time. Refrigerate for a couple hours, then freeze.

Look for food on the top and the bottom shelves in the supermarket

The staff always puts the most expensive products on the middle shelves so they’re always on our eye-level. This isn’t really a kitchen lifehack, but this is something we absolutely had to tell you.

Also don’t bother looking any deeper than front level, it’ll save you some money.

Put your ice cream into a plastic bag

That way when you freeze it it’ll keep its smooth texture and won’t turn into a brick.

An easy way to peel a mango

Keep pineapples upside-down

They’ll become ripe much faster. Don’t forget to get rid of the leaves.

Keep celery in aluminum foil

It’ll stay fresh for a month or longer. Same trick works with broccoli.

Keep peanut butter upside-down

It’ll be easier to scoop out.

Tape up banana stubs

That way they won’t go bad for 3-5 more days than usual.

Don’t throw away wilting aromatics

Shred them, mix with olive oil or melted butter, then pour into ice cube forms. It’ll keep fresh and still serve as great additions to your salads or various other dishes.

Keep lettuce in a paper bag

Before putting into a fridge. Keep the wilted leaves, they’ll help the core stay fresh.

Microwave dry chips and crackers to make them juicy again

You can ripen bananas in an oven

Warm up cold pizza in a frying pan

The fat in the crust will bring cold pizza back to life.

Stick a pushpin into a boiled egg; It’ll be easier to peel

Shake the eggs for 2-3 minutes

Then boil it, and you’ll get a golden egg.

Cut your cheese through the wrapper

Then keep the wrapper. It’ll serve as a great covering for the remaining cheese that’s sticking out.

Cover the eggs with vegetable oil

Before putting them into a fridge. They’ll keep fresh for three to four weeks longer than usual.

Peel ginger with a teaspoon

To keep a sliced cake fresh

Pin some bread on the sides of the cut with toothpicks. Let the bread dry instead of the cake.

Pierce a lemon with a toothpick

Then press down on very gently it if your recipe requires only a little bit of lemon juice. Then tape up the hole and put the lemon in a fridge.

Pour some vinegar into an empty jar of mayo

If there’s still some mayo left over in the jar, alongside some olive oil and seasonings, you’ll get a delicious salad dressing, and a clean jar as a result.

Toss fresh berries into a mild vinegar mix

They won’t develop mold that way.

Keep onions and garlic in paper bags with holes in them

They’ll keep fresh for the entire two months.

Keep cut avocados with a piece of onion

This way it won’t wilt. Alternatively, you can also pour a drizzle of apple juice on it if you don’t want the pungency of the onion interfering with avocado flavors.

Keep potatoes and apples together

The ethylene inside the apples won’t let the potatoes to develop sprouts.

Pour hot milk into a Nutella jar

If you’ve got some leftover Nutella, pour hot milk into it, you’ll get hot chocolate!

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