Decorative Braids in the Latest Fashion Collections

No two braids are alike. A braid is a long and narrow decorative ribbon. Designers use it quite often in their latest collections. How narrow a braid is varies; sometimes it’s not even all that narrow. Today we want to show you different types of braids on coats and jackets.

Decorative Braids in the Latest Fashion Collections

Braid decoration along the lapels is a fairly common method. This makes any item of clothing look luxurious.

The way a braid is decorated often leans towards ethnic designs. But not always, and not explicitly — the motifs can be very subtle.

It can be used to create some stark contrasts with the rest of the clothing to liven up the overall image.

Designers love combining several ribbons into one.  Our guess is they can’t choose which one is best. This is something a lot of us can sympathize with.

A fairly recent and hot trend today is a coarsly and voluminously textured black braiding. This is a combination for when you want a very stark contrast. Works with almost any type of fabric. It can be a contrast of either texture or color. Or both at the same time.

A braid along the lapels, and there you go! Instant chic. Even the most boring jackets can be completely transformed that way. Suitable for any occasion.

This isn’t a jacket, but also has a braid along the lapel. That’s it for today.

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