Diy chevron art

This is what I made while watching all the royal wedding coverage this weekend.

Total Cost: $0!

I toted four frames framed sketches of beach scenes around with me everywhere I moved for years, but never once were they hung on a wall. My mom bought them for me more probably 15 years ago when my bathroom had a beach theme, but we never ended up using them. Two of them had broken glass. And now, neither the frames nor the pictures fit with any of my decor.

I was ready to abandon them to Goodwill, but thought I might as well make a project out of them. I printed a chevron pattern from Tatertots & Jello onto the back of grey cardstock, then cut the strips and glued them onto pieces of white cardstock. I saved the mats from the original pictures, and placed the chevron pattern behind. That’s it!

I love chevron, but I am always really hesitant to use it in any but the subtlest of ways because it is trendy (and my design sensibilities are not so trendy). I was originally going to spray paint the frames or use colored paper, but I like the softness of the silver and grey. I’m not sure where to hang them yet, but hopefully this time I will actually get around to hanging them!

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