DIY Tutorial: A Perfume Sample Flacon on a Jewelry Chain

I still continue with “fragrance”, although today’s post makes a little more sense than the last, at least I like the end result in better:). If you couldn’t find a fitting perfume flacon at home for this DIY tutorial, ask in a perfume shop, where they are mostly free. The edged Chanel flacon used here I find particularly pretty.

Material And Tools – For This DIY Project You Need

  1. Pliers
  2. Eyelet screw
  3. Jewelry jump ring
  4. Small bow (made of fabric, satin ribbon or lace)
  5. Jewelry chain
  6. A perfume sample flacon
  7. Awl or similar pointed tool

DIY Tutorial: the Step-by-Step Craft Instructions:

DIY Step 1

Slightly drill a hole with the pointed tool in the middle of the bottle-cap, making it possible to easily turn in the eyelet screw.

DIY Step 2

Now turn in the eyelet screw.

DIY Step 3

Pull the jewelry chain through the eyelet. If your screw eyelet as in my case is too small, you can attach the chain with a jump ring on the eyelet.

DIY Step 4

Open a second jump ring a little bit with the pliers and pull through the small bow.

DIY Step 5

Now fix the fabric bow on the first jump ring or directly on the screw eyelet. DONE!

TIP: You can replace the fabric bow as desired to get a perfect fitting for the rest of your outfit.

DIY Tutorial – Final Result “Perfume Sample Flacon on a Jewelry Chain”

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