DIY Tutorial: Detachable Shoe Ornaments – The Miraculous Multiplikation Of Shoes

I often have spiced up shoes and I thought afterward, that I better should have “pimped” another pair. So I thought about how I could make something not sticky but removable and carry it on different shoes. Long story short – I’ve done it already, and made some copies of it which I can wear on pumps and sandals and ballerinas. One of the shoe ornaments (word of the day!), I present to you today in my DIY category, and, if you like, I’ll show you some more variants.

This Do It Yourself Guide does require some time and patience, but it’s worth it. The result is shoe jewelry that can be taken away and therefore you can spice up various shoes (pumps, sandals and Mary Janes).

From this shoe ornaments, I made 3 pairs, the first prototype, in which I have “practiced” I will keep myself and the other two pairs will be given away as Christmas gifts to dear friends. If you wish, you can spice up the shoe ornaments additionally with sequins or rivets, where your imagination knows no limits.

Material And Tools – For This DIY Project You Need

  1. Leather or any other solid fabrics
  2. About 1m fabric with 6 cm in width (I have taken a broad elastic band)
  3. 1.50 m long satin ribbon (2 x 75 cm)
  4. Circle with a diameter of 3.5 cm as a template (for me a toothpick-cap)
  5. Pen
  6. Sewing kit or sewing machine
  7. 1 pair of shoe clips
  8. Pins
  9. Scissors

Before I get started with the manual, I show you here in the photo, how the shoe clips look like:

Shoe clips are similar throughout much of the ear clips but are provided with two small peaks, which ensure that the clip is fixed on the shoe. The clips are typically available at craft stores and cobblers.

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

DIY Step 1

Turn the leather inside out and with the pen draw 42 circles (21 per shoe) on the material using the toothpick lid as a template.

DIY Step 2

Cut out the circles.

DIY Step 3

Sew the 6 cm fabric with a 1cm wide seam (inside!).

DIY Step 4

Put the first two circles over the seam and fasten with pins.

DIY Step 5

Sew the circles as shown in the picture.

DIY Step 6

To give the circles a voluminous look, fold a loop of about 1 cm with the band between each new circle series and fixed it with a pin (see picture).

DIY Step 7

The seam is stitched, then again fix a new line of the circles and sew it. So go on, until you have ten rows (each with 2 circles).

DIY Step 8

If all 10 rows are sewn, the fabric is cut down to about an inch seam allowance.

DIY Step 9

Sew the last (21st) circle under the first two circles, that is, where later the shoe clip is attached to the shoe.

The intermediate result should look like this.

DIY Step 10

Cut the 1.50 m long satin ribbon in the middle. Since I had no black band anymore, I used a satin belt.

DIY Step 11

Fold the satin ribbon double, sew from left and leave a 6 cm wide slit in the center open. After sewing the satin ribbon again turn the inside out and put the seam of the shoe ornament into the gap and sew it.

DIY Step 12

Finally, sew the shoe clips onto the shoe ornaments as shown in the picture. Now search for a pair of boring shoes, put the shoe jewelry on it, tie the satin ribbons around the heel, and READY!

DIY Tutorial – Final Result “Detachable Shoe Ornaments”

The final result clipped on a pair of sandals.

The final result with Pepp Toes.

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