Don’t Throw Away Egg Cartons!

The ability to recycle and maximize the use of unnecessary things has become one of the most important habits in the life of a modern person, since awareness to reducing pollution levels is growing. You’ve probably noticed that there are many things that can be used more effectively if you try to think creatively.

Don't Throw Away Egg Cartons!

1. You can store bottles of ketchup and mustard in empty egg cartons. Just try it: see for yourself how convenient it is. The contents of the containers will always gather right in the bottleneck, so it will become much easier to extrude. And besides, the bottles will stop toppling over every time you open the fridge.

2. You can also make this masterpiece out of ordinary egg packaging.

3. Very efficient.

4. Perfect for storing fruit.

5. For those with an interest in needlework.

6. Birds will love you for this.

7. Make yourself a garden bed right on the windowsill.

8. Even the eggshells can come in handy that way.

9. Perfect for storing yarn.

10. A very original Christmas tree.

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