Eggshells for Decor

There’s no real need to throw away eggshells, they are actually really useful for loads of stuff you might want to do for home decor. They make for a simple yet pliable material that can greatly enhance even a novice’s work, and with practice, you can create some real masterpieces!

Eggshells for Decor

Mosaic building is fairly finicky work, and eggshell decoupage is an excellent way to cut down on the time and effort needed to make some really eye-catching builds.

It’s a simple process: you just need to apply PVA glue to the build, lay out the cracked eggshell (don’t forget to remove the membrane from the shell!), put a napkin on top, press down gently until you see the outlines of the shell, let it dry.

The resulting patterns will surely bring new life to the boring old tableware collecting dust on your shelves.

If you want to impress your guests, a coaster like this will definitely serve as a nice display of your skill!

Decor items for that cozy Provincial look in your kitchen.

This plate is an excellent present if you wish to share a little bit of yourself with another person.

The humble eggshell is an incredibly versatile material.

A great way to decorate a bottle, with a touch of eye-catching African motifs.

You can also paint the shells, and then build the image.

This build effectively combines eggshells, sequin and pebbles.

This is of course still a fairly time-consuming process and can take a lot of effort, but we guarantee that the results are worth it: only your imagination is the limit here.

A Masterclass in Eggshell Decoupage.

Flowerpot Decor: “Aging” the Pot.

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