Everyday Boho. How to Wear Bohemian Style

Boho has recently been the subject of in-depth discussion, written articles, comparisons, and debates. Having sifted through all this, you may come out on the other side with one conclusion: everybody has their own vision for boho. Be it an affection for lace roses, pants lined with ruffles and frills, or long tunics, unmistakably belonging this, and only this style – boho encompasses a lot of different things.

The general consensus always dubbed this young woman the queen of boho:

Through the years, the queen was able to retain her throne, which was at one time clearly deserved. But fashion is a living, changing thing, never left to stagnate. Thus, her once all-the-rage pant styles now seem, well, overboard.

Not to cause a commotion, but I gladly present my everyday, personable and wearable boho collection! No hassle in getting ready and no incredulous looks from strangers on the street. Just natural, wear-it-to-work, to the park, to that friend’s party boho. I don’t go for the excessive pink laced designs and endless layers of fabric. As far as I’m concerned, less is more.

Elegant, comfortable, and not without the gems characteristic to the style.

Ladies in dresses first. Most of these dresses have similar cuts, making them a safe choice not only for the model with a perfect build, but for just about any size:

Skirt and pant sets:

Jackets, pants, and cute blouses:


For a night out to a nice restaurant:

Now for a little hallmark boho style:

A touch of simplistic and practical creativity, that may take you back a century or two:

Embroidery, a slit appliqué and stylish little collar:

A drawstring, clasp, and some delicate embroidery decor:

I hope you enjoyed my collection!

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