Jewelry DIY: Bangle With Lace And Tulle

In summer I have bought about ten simple metal bracelets ( Kik, each for EUR 1, -) with the intention to spice them up with different materials. Said – done. So far, I have covered them with shells, rhinestones, leather and studs, cords, sequins, and feathers. One of the last “naked” bracelets I take here, to show you a romantic style with lace trim and tulle. I hope you like it;)

Material And Tools – For This Jewelry DIY Project You Need

  1. Tulle (double folded slightly smaller than the bangle and at least three times as long as the bracelet), lace fabric, and various lace
  2. A nice (fitting) button
  3. Bangle
  4. Craft Glue
  5. Scissors
  6. 2 clothes pins (not in the picture)

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

DIY Step 1

Coat the bracelet with craft glue.

DIY Step 2

Glue the first lace fabric to the bangle. In my case, the lace is about four to five centimeters wider than the bangle.

DIY Step 3

Now continue with a tulle, which is three times longer than the bracelet. Therefore coat a layer of glue along the middle of the bracelet and first glue only the tulle-ends at the open ends of the bangle and fix them with clothes pins.

DIY Step 4

Now ball together the rest of the overly long tulle by hand and glue it to the bracelet. In this way, you create ruffles to the lace (see picture).

DIY Step 5

Now glue a small lace border to the tulle lace …

DIY Step 6

… and then one more. You see, with this last border I decided for a bold color.

DIY Step 7

Place the button in the middle of the bangle. If there is an eyelet (for sewing) at the bottom of your button, just break it off with the pliers to get a plain surface for gluing. DONE!

Jewelry DIY Tutorial – Final Result Bangle with Lace and Tulle

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